Beyond Financial Management

Real peace of mind and added value

Lian Goldstein Financial Services is a boutique firm, providing end-to-end financial services tailored to your business needs, while focusing on business growth. Our firm is led by CPA Lian Goldstein, an experienced CFO and Board Director.

We give you the freedom to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that your financials are in responsible professional hands, being managed by an experienced and dedicated team.

We work with start-ups, multinational companies, small-mid sized businesses and public companies in various industries.

Our services

Corporate recovery

Capital & Debt Raising


Temp. Replacements

CFO Service

Controllers services



Corporate recovery

Capital & Debt Raising


Temp. Replacements

CFO Service




Our unique approach

Flexible dynamic service

Our service’s scope and business model vary by client. We adapt to your needs and requirements, providing a real on-demand service.

Uncompromised professionalism

Adhering to the highest industry standards we ensure accuracy, efficiency, and focus through everything we do.

Full partnership

Operating as part of your team, with a true hands-on approach, we gain deep understanding of the core business and focus on value creation and growth.


CPA Lian Goldstein: Founder and office manager, a CFO with 20 years of experience in leading companies including: Johnson & Johnson, EY, Magal Security Systems; An external director with financial expertise in publicly traded companies.

A member of the institute of CPAs in Israel and of the CFOs Forum. A mentor in 8200 Alumni Association, a member of the gender equality committee in the Israeli Directors’ Union.

Selected customers

What our customers think

"Working with Lian throughout the years, I've really enjoyed her professional experience and dedication. She brings integrity and intelligence to her work along with out-of-the box thinking"

Zion Sason, Partner, EY

"I’ve known Lian Goldstein for 20 years and we worked together with several clients. Her notable professionalism and excellent interpersonal skills make her the best choice of a CFO for your company”

Prof. Haim Assayag

"Lian has exceptional execution skills and a broad strategic thinking. Her creativity and professionalism increased our company resources by hundreds of thousands of dollars every year"

Amir Kirshenboim, CEO, CWT

Why us?

Lots of experience, growth oriented

Our service, led by an experienced CFO with an on-demand team,  is tailored to our clients’ needs. We empower management teams, enabling them to focus on their core business, with the confidence of knowing that their financials are in responsible professional hands, being managed with transparency and adherence to the highest industry standards.

Why Choose Financial Management As a Service?

Professionalism, flexibility, and cost-saving

Business owners and CEOs invest time and resources in financial management, and as the company grows, this mission becomes more complex and demanding.

By hiring a CFO-as-a-service, management can focus on growing their core business while enjoying the vast experience and knowledge CFOs acquire working with many other companies, and a flexible, efficient cost structure.

How and when can we help you succeed?

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